Agape Appeal for Ladies Walk #75

April 15th, 2018

Christ is Counting on You! …

And so are the Ladies of WTE 75 

April 26-29, 2018

Appealing for your Agape Love and Prayers
with food contributions for the Saturday Banquet and daily snacks and by volunteering as a dishwasher!

Please let the Walk 75 Agape Team know how you are able to help
with food and dishwashing by emailing:

Maria Chu

Food Contribution and Dish Washing sign-up link:

72 Hour Prayer Vigil sign up link:



57 Mount David Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

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Ladies WTE 75 Weekend Schedule:

The entire Emmaus community is invited to show Agape Love by coming to these events:

Thursday, 26 April

  • 7:30pm — Sponsor’s Hour in the Chapel

Saturday, 28 April

  • 5:30pm — Contributions to Banquet delivered to Agape Team
  • 7:00pm — Community Potluck
  • 7:30pm — Gutbucket, Community Service & Candlelight

Sunday, 29 April

  • 2:30pm — Closing Community Service in the Chapel


Ladies Walk #75 Team List:

Spiritual Director: Howard Mellor

Assistant Spiritual Director: Tryfina Simick

Assistant Spiritual Director: Wade Wollin


Board Advisor: Pam Birkett

Lay Director:    Joanne Cheng

Assistant Lay Director: Dahn Walker

Assistant Lay Director: Gigi Tse

Assistant Lay Director: Heather Xie


Priority:  Dahn Walker

Priesthood of All Believers:  Theresa Kwong

Life of Piety:  Anne Lim

Growth through Study:  Jennifer Cheng

Christian Action:  Ting Chiu

Discipleship:  Ester Li

Changing Our World:  Daphne Kuok

Body of Christ:  Sylvia Lam

Perseverance:  Joanne Cheng

Fourth Day:  Heather Xie


Table Leader:  Lorraine Lee

Table Leader:  Dorothy Chan

Table Leader:  Emilie Banfield

Table Leader:  Carrine Wong

Table Leader:  Madalina Wu


Agape: Maria Chu

Agape Assistant: Naomi Chui

Agape Chapel: Jannie Tam

Music Team: Jan Johnston, Heresa (Bless) Araguas


De Colores!

The Walk To Emmaus Hong Kong Steering Committee


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