Agape Appeal for Ladies WTE #74

November 2nd, 2017

Christ is counting on you!
and so is the Team of WTE 74

Please pray for all 20 pilgrims of WTE 74, who have accepted
Christ’s invitation to spend 72 hours with Him on the Walk to Emmaus.

  1. Lheng Arnaldo Resurrection Church sponsored by Dahn Walker
  2. Ai Hirose Rokko Catholic Church (Osaka, Japan) sponsored by Sonia Lee
  3. Shermaine Ho Community Church Hong Kong sponsored by Amanda Hong
  4. Jennifer ChengCommunity Church Hong Kong sponsored by Sophia Lam
  5. Josephine Su Community Church Hong Kong sponsored by Tami Tsang
  6. Ting Chiu Community Church Hong Kong sponsored by Clarissa Jim
  7. Trish Alvarado Island ECC sponsored by Teresa Fox
  8. Josephine Fung Shatin Tsung Tsin Church sponsored by Shirley Chau
  9. Ann White The Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception sponsored by Tess Lyons
  10. Suzanne Sittko The Vine sponsored by Chloe Banks
  11. Anne Lim Methodist Int’l Church, HK sponsored by Ray & Gail Warhola
  12. Josephine Yee International Christian Assembly sponsored by Candy So
  13. Christine Tsang Community Church Hong Kong sponsored by Pearl Lam/Kimberly Ho
  14. Angelina Yee Watermark sponsored  by Bernard Yee
  15. Daphne Kuok Island ECC sponsored by Tess Lyons
  16. Sarah Klodt The Bridge sponsored by Joseph Klodt
  17. Vivian Krigline RiverGrace International sponsored by Michael Krigline
  18. Heresa Araguas Kong Fok Church International sponsored by Teresa & Lyn Fox
  19. Lise Guillon Saint Margaret’s Church / CCFHK sponsored by Honora de Basto
  20. Vivian Law Island ECC sponsored  by Ricki Bote

Appealing for your Agape Love and Prayer

by food contributions for the Saturday Banquet and the daily snacks!
Please let the Walk 74 Agape Team know how you are able to help
with food contributions by emailing:

Cora Ha


33 Tao Fong Shan Road, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

Map of Tao Fong Shan

Click Here

Special Request for Agape Letters

Please be aware that that the Ladies WTE 74 will not be able to print Agape letters on site for the Pilgrims. All Sponsors and the Emmaus Community are kindly asked to please deliver your Agape cards and letters to Tao Fong Shan at the address above.

Sponsors, this can be easily handled when dropping off your Pilgrim at Tao Fong Shan.

Community, this can be easily handled when serving alongside your Pilgrims and friends this Saturday evening, November 4, in the Community Service Gutbucket and Candlelight, or, when providing food for the Banquet that evening.

Remember the feeling as you opened your Agape letter envelope and read those wonderful letters of love and encouragement from the Emmaus Community? Now, it is your turn to share your love and encouragement!   The complete list of Pilgrims appears above.

Prayer Vigil

Please sign up for the 72 Hour Prayer Vigil by clicking this link:


Community Participation

The whole community is invited to show Agape Love by coming to these events:

Thursday, 2 November 

7:30 pm           Sponsors’ Hour, in the Chapel

Saturday, 4 November

2:55 – 5:25 pm Contributions to Banquet delivered to Agape team

7:00 pm           Community Potluck

7:30 pm           Gutbucket, Community Service & Candlelight

 Sunday, 5 November

2:30 pm           Closing Community Service, in the Chapel


Public transport to Tao Fong Shan:
Tao Fong Shan is located in the rural part of Sha Tin and can be best reached by taxi from the East Rail Lines Tai Wai Station.  Best to take a taxi from MTR Tai Wai Station.


WTE 74 – Team List


Spiritual Director Pastor Henry Mui
Assistant Spiritual Director Pastor Linda Wolfe
Board Adviser Terri Appel
Lay Director Allison Wong
ALD Tess Lyons
ALD Garland Cheng
ALD Mekela Weerakoon
Agape Coordinator Teresa Fox
Agape Coordinator Cora Ha
Agape Chapel Camellia Chan Yahyagil
Agape Chapel Esther Woo Nie
Agape Chapel Sonia Lee
Priority Tess Lyons
Priesthood of Believers Dee Mulligan
Life of Piety Esther Chung
Grow Through Study Poh Lee Tan
Christian Action Staci Atkinson
Discipleship Marian Gaultney
Changing our World Mekela Weerakoon
Body of Christ Jenny Taylor
Perseverance Allison Wong
Fourth Day Garland Cheng
Table Leader Marian Gaultney
Table Leader Caroline Leung
Table Leader Philomena Samuel
Table Leader Janette McCool
Table Leader Christine Lai
Music Katie Friedrich

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