Agape Appeal for Men’s WTE #76

April 28th, 2018

Christ is Counting on You!

May 3-6, 2018

Appealing for your Agape Love and Prayers
with food contributions for the Saturday Banquet and daily snacks,
and by volunteering as a dishwasher!

Please let the Walk 76 Agape Team know how you are able to help
with food and dishwashing by emailing:

Ephraim Cheng

Food Contribution and Dish Washing sign-up link:

72 Hour Prayer Vigil sign up link:

57 Mount David Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
Google Map

Men’s WTE 76 Weekend Schedule:

As an important member of the Emmaus Community you are encouraged as to show your AGAPE Love by attending these events:
Thursday, 3 May

7:30pm — Sponsor’s Hour in the Chapel

Saturday, 5 May

5:30pm — Contributions to Banquet delivered to Agape Team
7:00pm — Community Potluck
7:30pm — Gutbucket, Community Service & Candlelight

Sunday, 6 May

2:30pm — Closing Community Service in the Chapel

Walk #76 Team List:

Spiritual Director Howard Mellor
Assistant Spiritual Director Ebson Simek
Assistant Spiritual Director Wade Wollin
Board Advisor John Teng
Lay Director Ronnie Cherry
Assistant LD Andy Brown
Assistant LD Ian Godfrey
Assistant LD Patrick Kaye
Agape Ephraim Cheng
Agape Sunil Hemnani
Agape Ernie Ofori
Agape Chapel Lyn Fox
Worship Denver Taylor
Worship Nury Vittachi
Priority Patrick Kaye
Priesthood of All Believers GB Uy-Tioco
Life In Piety Neil Thomas
Growth Through Study Nathan England
Christian Action Julian Ragless
Discipleship David McIntyre
Changing our World Ian Chan
Body of Christ Jong Lee
Perseverance Ronnie Cherry
Fourth Day Ian Godfrey
Table Leader Robin Ball
Table Leader Terrance Leung
Table Leader Joseph Pereira

De Colores!

The Walk To Emmaus Hong Kong Steering Committee

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