Letter from the Lay Director of Ladies WTE 75, April 26-29

February 11th, 2018

Dear Emmaus brothers and sisters,

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”
1 Thessalonians 5:18

A few years ago, over summer, we attended a church service in the small town of Cortina D’ampezzo at the invitation of a group of Catholic sisters that we had met the day before in the Dolomite mountains.

Our meeting these sisters was pure happenstance, a God-incidence.  We had paused our hike for a photobreak and asked the nearest person to help us take a photo.   After thanking her, we chatted for a while and it turned out that she was American, a Catholic sister living in Rome, spending her summer in the Dolomites.  She invited us to join her Catholic sisters for a picnic further up the mountain. The sisters, from all over the world, and us spent an idyllic and memorable afternoon together.  At one point Jose, my husband, was in competition with them to see who could spit watermelon seeds the furtherest.

As we made exchanged contact details and made arrangements to leave, they invited us to Sunday service the next day, where they would be singing.

Our family of 4 attended that service.  The church, was filled to the brim. The service was in Italian and although we couldn’t understand the sermon I remember thinking how wonderful it was that we from Hong Kong could partake in communion in Cortina, so remote and so many miles from home. I also thought listening to the sisters sing how beautiful their voices were and even though they were all from different parts of the world and different backgrounds how united they were…in voice, in song and in faith. I remember thinking at the time if perhaps that is not Gods vision for us all…a little slice of heaven on earth.

I feel the same about The Walk to Emmaus experience and its supporting community.  Each of us arrive with a different story but we are united for those three days by song, by community and by faith, all made possible by prayer and amazing agape love.

I remember my own walk as a powerful, pivotal experience in my faith journey and I feel so blessed, grateful and incredibly humbled to be the Lay Director for this upcoming womens walk, walk #75.  Although my faith journey has not been without its challenges, I am thankful for all those circumstances that have bought me to where I am today, right now, right here.

I am not alone in my belief that the WTE initiative is a powerful one, and I am thankful for the team of WTE#75 who have responded with a strong YES to be the heart, hands and feet of Christ.  We give thanks to our Emmaus community for their generous support through prayer and agape love. Whatever contribution you feel called to make over the weekend, whether it be prayer, cleaning, dishwashing, agape, we thank you for joining us, one body, united in being the heart, hands and feet of Christ.

De Colores



Walk #75 Team List:

Spiritual Director: Howard Mellor

Assistant Spiritual Director: Tryfina Simick

Assistant Spiritual Director: Wade Wollin

Board Advisor: Dee Mulligan


Lay Director: Joanne Cheng

Assistant Lay Director: Dahn Walker (Priority)

Assistant Lay Director: Gigi Tse

Assistant Lay Director: Heather Xie (Fourth Day)


Priesthood of All Believers: Theresa Kwong

Life of Piety: Anne Lim

Growth through Study: Jennifer Cheng

Christian Action: Ting Chiu

Discipleship: Ester Li

Changing Our World: Daphne Kuok

Body of Christ: Michelle Borgeest


Table Leader: Lorraine Lee

Table Leader: Dorothy Chan

Table Leader: Emilie Banfield

Table Leader: Laetitia Yu

Table Leader: Carrine Wong


Agape: Maria Chu

Agape Assistant: Naomi Chui

Agape Chapel: Jannie Tam

Music Team: Jan Johnston, Heresa (Bless) Araguas, Sylvia Lam


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